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I feel I should start by saying ..... I literally 'ran into Yoga!' I used to love running - but it wasn't just the challenge of clocking up the kms or feeling the sweat running off my body, it was more about my breath.  My breath created a rhythm in my body, a melody that became a language my body used to show me how it was responding to the pace, incline, terrain and I realised control of my breath was key to keeping my body and mind relaxed.  But that wasn't all either.  Something amazing used to happen: through my breath my mind could access a place inside that was beyond anywhere I could physically take myself - it was a space of freedom, of lightness, of unlimited beautiful vastness

Having always wanted to experience living abroad (I am from the UK) I spent four years living in India - New Delhi .  It was during this time and whilst a knee injury had forced a break from running that a friend persuaded me to attend my first ever Yoga class.  My flexibility level was effectively zero: before running I evented horses so not only were my hamstrings so tight that you could have played a tune on them but my knees and hips were used to squeezing in, not opening out. However, as the class progressed I could see how the stretching would benefit my love of exercise and could be a way of ‘giving back’ to my body for everything it had given me.  I fell in love with Yoga’s guiding principle of synchronising breath with movement and I had a glimpse that this ancient practice could provide greater access to that invisible place I had found within As my asana practice developed I started to experience changes, not just in my physical body but deeper changes, both inwardly and outwardly: an adjustment to my food preferences, a change in the way I interpreted and reacted to situations, an increased level of connection with my body but in a witness kind of way and, overall, I was developing an increased feeling of contentment

Then came a move to Cyprus - I didn’t want to leave India, it had become my home - but often change, even when it’s unwanted, can work out in a positive way: this move made me realise my journey with Yoga was for life and deep seated in my soul. Shortly after the move I returned to India to complete my RYT200 Yoga teacher qualification (registered with Yoga Alliance)

Then another move beckoned, this time Cyprus to Dubai, but not before I had returned to India once more to obtain Pre/Post Natal Yoga accreditation. The human body is an amazing vehicle, the miracle of birth is a magical natural event: I wanted to be in a position to help both expectant and new mums to feel empowered and as prepared as possible, physically and mentally, for the journey

I am very grateful that I was not only introduced to Yoga in it’s birthplace – India – but that I was able to learn and experience many of the practices that are often forgotten about in the West.  Working with and through the challenges my tight body presented me with taught me so much and I am passionate about sharing the experience of Yoga with others so they can feel much more comfortable within their own body too, both physically and mentally

For the last four years I have been teaching at Zen Yoga (predominantly Media City studio), I have also taught at Urban Yoga, Zoga and Exhale on JBR.  I am fully registered with REPS and Yoga Alliance